University of Massachusetts Boston

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science

2013 - 2014, 2015 - 2017

Between 2014 and 2015 I received my Initial Entry Training for the Army. My education was put on hold for a year in order to complete it.

Drexel University

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Biomedical Engineering

2011 - 2013

While attending Drexel I realized that I was passionate about computers and made the switch to Computer Science and back to my hometown of Boston to pursue that degree instead.

Boston Latin School

High School Diploma

2006 - 2011

Boston Latin School goes from 7th through 12th grade.


Junior Fullstack Engineer

Elsen, Inc.

September 2015 - Present

Elsen develops future-forward FinTech allowing anyone to harness, understand and make quick decisions using vast quantities of data without a team of mathematicians or programmers.

What I've done here:

Signal Support Systems Specialist

Massachusetts National Guard

June 2014 - Present

Technical Experience





An Introduction to Rust

An ongoing series for newcomers to the Rust Language through a project where they build a Scheme Interpreter. It's goal is to make the language accessible by explaining harder concepts in terms that anyone can understand and through hands on experience. Exercises and answers are provided to guide the user along and to let them try out features as they're introduced.

Notable Personal Projects


A library for easy Rust and Haskell FFI

The goal of this library is to make using Rust in Haskell and Haskell in Rust effortless. It came about after much personal frustration over trying to get it to work and the lack of any documentation.


A Unix Platform Agnostic Installation Tool

Often I found that many code bases provide instructions for needed tools for specific platforms, usually Ubuntu, MacOS, and Windows, but neglect other distributions. The goal of Alchemist is to make that problem go away. With a database of package names it translates them into the ones for your platform and installs them with your system package manager.