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My name is Michael Gattozzi. I recieved a B.S. of CS at Umass Boston in May 2017. I work at a Financial Tech Startup called Elsen, Inc. where I get to write Haskell and Rust in production! In my spare time I write a lot Rust code and lately I've been bridging the gap between the two languages. I also have the pleasure of serving in the MA National Guard where I get to work on radios and computers in the S6 of the Battalion I work at.

I love tweaking my laptop setup in order to get it just the way I want it too. Currently I use Arch Linux with bspwm as my window manager. You can find my configuration of it here and you can find my dotfile configurations here .

Current Tech interests include:
  • Rust
  • Haskell

When I'm not working on code I enjoy looking for new delicious coffee places in Boston, catching up on newer TV and Anime shows as well as playing newer video games when I get the chance.I also enjoy taking photographs in my spare time and particularly enjoy macro photography.

Here's an example of one from my trip to Europe during the summer of 2015:

Macro photograph of a flower