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My name is Michael Gattozzi. I'm finishing up my CS Undergrad at Umass Boston this year. I work at a Financial Tech Startup called Elsen, Inc. where I get to write Haskell in production! In my spare time I write a lot Rust code and lately I've been bridging the gap between the two languages. I also have the pleasure of serving in the MA National Guard where I get to work on radios and computers in the S6 of the Battalion I work at.

I love tweaking my laptop setup in order to get it just the way I want it too. Currently I use Arch Linux with bspwm as my window manager. You can find my configuration of it here and you can find my dotfile configurations here .

Current Tech interests include:
  • Rust
  • Haskell
  • Machine Learning
  • Fin Tech
  • Metasploit
  • Block Chain Technology

When I'm not working on code I enjoy looking for new delicious coffee places in Boston, catching up on newer TV and Anime shows as well as playing newer video games when I get the chance (the current ones being The Witcher 3 and Civilization 6). I also enjoy taking photographs in my spare time and particularly enjoy macro photography.

Here's an example of one from my trip to Europe during the summer of 2015:

Macro photograph of a flower